Or granny who feels the need to retell her family history to you between telling it to each of the FA and the passengers across the aisle? I certainly have and I am sure we all can share our own seatmate horror stories. It is these unfortunate situations that make the concept of picking seatmates based on common interests, destination, background, or physical appearance appealing. Until now, though, no airline has stepped to the plate. Starting next year, though, KLM will make that possible. But all this begs the question—do you want to talk to your seatmate when you fly?

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Ever wished you could choose your seatmate on a long overseas flight? Hate getting stuck next to the screaming baby or the burly seat hog? Dutch airline KLM is introducing a new program that will allow travelers to choose who they sit next to according to social media profiles.

KLM’s quirky ‘Meet and Seat’ passenger matchmaking campaign has already drawn many plaudits. Now it’s ramping up awareness with a number celebrity.

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KLM to Introduce In-Flight Matchmaker Service ‘Meet & Seat’

The lottery of who you sit next to on an airline flight can make travel interesting — or unbearable. In a nutshell, the service, which makes its debut early next year, lets you link your social media profile to your check-in information and choose a seating partner according to their profile. The service will be available to all, and both passengers must choose to participate in order to pick your fellow passenger.

Those who enjoy simply putting clamping on a pair of headphones and tuning everyone out can avoid the experiment altogether, according to the International Business Times.

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It has been over a year now, that I was reading travel news, and got impressed about KLM taking one step further into dealing with its clients on social media. Last March they announced to all their customers around the globe that they could book, check-in, get their boarding pass and update flight status via Facebook Messenger. This was a great step forward for a company with a good customer focus.

This is an easier way of travelling no doubts. Also it is a friendly way of travelling. It is finally, an up-today way of communicating with clients.

KLM – Layover With A Local

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Pick Your Seatmate On Facebook With KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Aug 7, Uncategorized. It lets people who booked a flight find interesting [ It lets people who booked a flight find interesting people aboard that same flight. In the videos, each of the celebrities swipe their mobile device which causes the seat next to them to spin up like a slot machine. Hilarity, of course, ensues as oddity after oddity flip by until the perfect match is found.

Dutch airline KLM is aiming to make air travel a more social affair with a new service allowing passengers to choose who they sit next to using.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has taken blind-dating to new heights by launching an initiative that will allow customers to pick their seat-mates on Facebook. The pilot programme is being praised for those people who are sick of being stuck next to crying babies or the passenger from hell – or for those simply looking for mile-high love. The airline announced its plans to start a “meet and seat” service early next year that will link travellers’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to their check-in information.

The initiative will allow travellers to check out their fellow passengers and select them based on similar interests, or by how attractive they find them. Many people turned to Twitter to say whether they thought it was a good idea or a recipe for disaster. Stumac01 tweeted that it was the perfect solution to “how to go ‘Mile High’ with the hottest girl on the flight”, adding “the power will be in your hands”. Matchmaking via your seat choice in-flight, more like mile-high stalking,” laurastott1 posted on her Twitter.

KLM said the service will be available to all passengers checking in online, but that travellers can choose whether or not to make their social media profiles publicly available. Malaysia Airlines is also releasing a service on Facebook that lets passengers see which of their friends are boarding the same flight or visiting the destination.

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KLM Matchmaking Service: Pick Your Seatmate on Facebook

What’s the catch? Other than a willingness to endure some awkward small talk “So Sorry, Android-ers — you’re stuck at the Dutch Kitchen. Michael van den Brande, a strategist at Achtung!

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It will enable a traveler to sit next to someone who shares an interest or profession. It might even allow people to have a blind date while flying cross-country. Choosing a seatmate is more exciting than deciding between peanuts and pretzels for an in-the-air snack. Yet upon further consideration, this new app may be problematic. In this column, I will describe what is known thus far about the KLM initiative, and other recent, similar efforts, and discuss some of the problems with this idea—including the legal risks for airlines and passengers alike.

It is not clear how far in advance people will be able to link their profiles to their reservations or seat assignments. KLM says it is still working on the features, and has not disclosed whether the service will cost anything. Malaysian Airlines is reportedly launching a service whereby it will allow passengers to check to see if they have any friends who are booked on their flight, or who are visiting the same destination at the same time.

The system would let you choose a fellow passenger with whom you have something in common. As part of opting in, KLM will likely require that passengers agree to a set of Terms and Conditions that include waivers of liability for any kind of mishap that might occur as a result of using the matchmaking service. What happens when a passenger sits down in his or her seat, only to find that his or her seatmate is not the person he or she expected?

If that occurs, will KLM really be able to hide behind its waiver?

Meet ‘n seat: mile-high matchmaking

The airline will start the “meet and seat” service early next year that will link travellers’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to their check-in information, said Sky News. The service will allow passengers to check out their fellow travellers and select them based on similar interests, or by how attractive they find them. This will help people “who are sick of being stuck next to crying babies or the passenger from hell”. As soon as the scheme was announced, people turned to Twitter to speak on it.

Matchmaking via your seat choice in-flight, more like mile-high stalking,” ‘laurastott1’ posted on Twitter.

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Ever get stuck sitting next to someone on a plane that you wish you hadn’t? Dutch airline KLM is aiming to make air travel a more social affair with a new service allowing passengers to choose who they sit next to using Facebook and LinkedIn. The “meet and seat” service would allow passengers to see the Facebook or LinkedIn profiles of other flyers, who are also using the opt-in service, when selecting their seat.

KLM said it does not expect demand to fully recover before or and said further staff reductions are possible given the high level of.

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